I heard about Yahoo! Publisher Network beta ID, but when i pressed the link to...

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    ...sign up but it didn't work Help Okay.. heres my question.. I heard of Yahoo! Publisher Network beta ID but when i pressed the link button to sign up.. it didn't work.. i didn't get it.. Anyway.. the Yahoo! Publisher Network beta ID , i want it because it says i can earn money by answering questions.. whoever has the Yahoo! Publisher Network beta ID for earning money by answering these questions.. pleez help me.. and take me threw the steps of how to get Yahoo! Publisher Network beta ID !
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    ??~ RZ ~??
    This question has Expired. I encourage you to pick the first answer unless it isn't what your looking for.

    Here is also a bunch of links that should provide a great deal of help with your yahoo questions.

    Questions about avators go to http://avatars.yahoo.com/
    Yahoo help pages http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/ext/e...
    yahoo members directory http://members.yahoo.com/
    yahoo company information http://docs.yahoo.com/info/
    yahoo photos http://photos.yahoo.com/
    launchcast prolems http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/launch/tro...
    yahoo SBC help http://help.sbcglobal.net/article.php?it...
    Yahoo Profiles http://profiles.yahoo.com/
    Yahoo Alerts http://alerts.yahoo.com/main.php?view=my...
    Reporting abuse http://abuse.yahoo.com/
    Yahoo Chat Rooms http://chat.yahoo.com/
    Yahoo Groups Home Page http://groups.yahoo.com/
    Yahoo Messengers http://messenger.yahoo.com/

    It is also useful to look at similar questions. I'd encourage you to use this link http://answers.yahoo.com/
    On the upper left you'll be able to type in a search. Hopefully you'll find some similar questions. *Best Wishes*
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    The Yahoo! Publisher Network is for people who own a website and want to use Yahoo! services for advertisements, kind of like Google's Adsense. It's not a way to make quick money.

    "The Yahoo! Publisher Network is an upcoming partnership between people or businesses who create Web content, and Yahoo! It's an advertising network: Yahoo! gathers Web advertisers from around the world, and places their ads on pages which you specify. You then get a share of the advertising revenue gathered by Yahoo! All you have to do is arrange for the ad to be placed on your page; Yahoo! does the rest."

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