I need a server on SilkRoad Online. Are there any servers (or times) that I can...

Discussion in 'Linux Discussion' started by blondesk8erdude, May 4, 2008.

  1. ...play?? I've had SilkRoad on my computer for a while, and whenever people ask I tell them that it's a cool game. But the stupid thing about it is that I've never actually played it. I can never connect to any server. Is there a server and a time to play that I can go by?
  2. read the FAQ... ur probabily trying to log into the wrong server.... i havent played in awhile but it wasnt the stock server that it comes with.... look it up in the faq
  3. Rafivip Guest

    ya try at night and u should be able to connect easily
  4. Sweet? Guest

    Yes, the servers are very crowded which would be why you can't connect. I found it best to connect around 12:00 AM Midnight Eastern Time (I live on the east US). Or, you could buy a Premium Time from the Item Mall (this would be bought in-game) using Silk which you would have to purchase from Silkroad's site using real money.

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