i really need advice on what i should do to make money and how i can make it thank

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    Lauren S
    you!? i really really need someone to tell me how i can earn money and what i should do to earn money i've gone through a babysitting class and passed i've babysat before and they said i did and excellent jobi help my friend wich is like my sister but she is 14 and im 12 and her sister is 15 almost 16 we babsit about 3 to 6 kids on mondays and they get paid but me and my 14 year old friend don't she sometimes does but i don't and i loooovee kids i have 6 bros and im the only girl im the second to the youngest and would love to have a sister i help on wensdays at my church working with the little kids and i know what kids love and they all follow me around and abby my friend has 6 brothers and sisters and is the 2nd to the oldest and has also taken the babysitting class with me so plzz give my ideas it would really really be helpful and thanks for your time! :)
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    You might talk some people into helping you have a "parents night out" at your church. They pay, like, 10 bucks a kid or something. You have them for 3 hours or so, make sure that you have a snack time and lots of games for them to play. Make sure that someone over 18 is there in case something goes wrong; but that's one way that you could do it.

    Other than that, you might try to mow some lawns or do yardwork. My college roomate did that one summer and made some really great money.
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