I want to optimize my ranking in yahoo and Google and SEO form my website?

Discussion in 'Yahoo !' started by emad_mohib, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. emad_mohib Guest

    I want to optimize my ranking in yahoo and Google and SEO form my website
    I get website in sell Arabic movies and I want optimize my ranking in search engines .. plz advise what to do
    the words are
    arabic movies
    arabic DVD
    arabic songs
    arabic films
  2. dwightl.geo Guest

    the only way to get a high rank in google is to get lots of people to link to you. if they catch you asking people to do this they will ban you forever.
  3. Steve S Guest

    Steve S
    The best way to increase your ranking is to have many other sites link to your webpage. The more links to your page (using those key words you listed) there are, the higher Google ranks your page.

    You can also register your page with many search engines and have them establish site maps and the like. Look at each individual search engine's webpage for more details.
  4. Buy multiple domains, use a bunch of subdomains for website categories, use good keywords that are relevent to your content.

    Always use alt tags on your images. Remember that search engine spiders read a website like a newspaper, so the info up top will score higher than if you put relevent info and trash above it.

    Remember, no matter what you right, if the keywords dont score good you aint gunna get many matches on your searches per day.

    DONT USE THE SAME KEYWORDS ALL OVER THE SITE, YOU WILL BE IGNORED FROM SPIDERS.. that is important.. you dont wanna get blacklisted for that.

    Goto this site: http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/suggestion/

    Search for stuff that you think will get you hits. If you can manage to do all the things as outlined above, you win. Also as mentioned, it helps to be linked to other sites, a lot. The spiders will index those pages and see your domain, then go around to indexing your page eventually.

    Ive had googlebot.com hit my old website a lot, i never linked to anyone else either.. I managed to get first page results.. other people may have linked to me though without my knowledge, that is one thing I dont know.. however.. thats the best I can tell you wrapped in a short yahoo answer.
  5. linkme2mrseo Guest

    That is not a simple question. There are many factors that will determine how well you can and will rank. See my site below for free articles, podcast and a forum all on SEO.
  6. David D Guest

    David D
    Plenty of good advice here.

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