If I go to beauty school where how can I make extra money while going to full

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Nicole S, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Nicole S Guest

    Nicole S
    time school? Im thinking of cosmo school, but I dont think I can afford it if I am not working because Im not working now, and my hubby and I are sooooo broke!
    Any suggestions?
    well, what i really want to do is join the airforce! but, people are against me because i want to have kids in about 2-3 years.....i dont really see whats wrong with it though
  2. ur local strip joint...lol jk
  3. Brittany Guest

    I'm assuming you qualify for financial aid then... But to be completely honest, beauty school isn't gonna make you the big bucks... All of the cosmotologists I know are dead beats. Why don't you do something that will make a difference, then go to school for cosmotolegy. That way you have moeny. And I am in school, and the state waives my tuition, and gives me PLENTY (as in, i have ALOT left over) of money a semester...

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