If people on welfare looking for freebies weren't allowed to vote, how many votes...

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by HRC Member, May 9, 2008.

  1. HRC Member Guest

    HRC Member
    ...would the Dems still get? I am not including the elderly, or those that are unable to work.

    Just the typical "free for me" Dem who just wants whatever it is that the government can give them.
    Joyce...I am NOT a Christian....but I am also not dumb enough to vote for those Dems that are running either.
  2. Justin D Guest

    Justin D
    Sorry to disappoint you but the greatest number of welfare recipients are concentrated in Red states, particularly the South, among working class whites-who are more likely to vote Republican. The most educated people (graduate degrees) vote Democrat by about 3:1.
  3. joyce s Guest

    joyce s
    when will so called christian "right" liars and hypocrites shut up
  4. mech335 Guest

    As many actors that live in Hollywood, a few a holes in New York, and all the illegals. So that shouldn't be enough to put one in office.
  5. doshiealan Guest

    What makes you think that the Republicans wouldn't lose more? You would exclude a fair proportion of Republicans from the Southern States, and probably consign the Republican Party to obscurity for generations to come.
  6. yutsnark Guest

    If you exclude the elderly, and those unable to work, you are left with a tiny number of people. These would be the "selfish and corrupt," so of course they would vote Republican.
  7. hefalump h Guest

    hefalump h
    they might get more than you think. there are other issues at stake. like gay rights, stem cell research, the war, etc.

    all christians aren't republicans. true christians are democrats...pro choice. God is pro choice. he doesnt force himself or his opinions on anyone.

    Jesus said that the most important commandment is to love thy neighbor, not leave them hungry, homeless, and without health care.
  8. krowtap Guest

    If heartless thugs were not allowed to vote, how many votes would the Republicans still get?
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    May 23, 2008
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