I'm a 15 year old boy that just got a black macbook. I want to no how I can make

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Racerdude, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Racerdude Guest

    money using it. web or not. I got a black Apple Macbook for Christmas and I'm trying to save up for a new ATV. I would like to no the different ways I could make money using it either on the internet or not. I no everyone says you can mow, walk dogs all that, and people also say to sell stuff around the house on eBay, but I'm looking for something different. Please help, thanks.
  2. cyberdoc Guest

    If you have any programming skills like webdesigning, PHP, JAVA, and dbms, you can contact providers and get jobs to do at home.

    Register here:

    http://getafreelancer.com/ .

  3. Sonico67 Guest

    For a 15 yo.. i dont think you'll find anything if I have found nothing myself. I don't think you'll even be able to sell on ebay easily unless you accept money orders and bidders normally avoid such sellers. At your age I would just get a part time job at some fast food place etc. But you don't really need one. Chillax, dlw msn or any aim and start talking shit to your buds, playing games etc.
  4. rickrudge Guest

    Hello Racerdude,

    What do you like doing on your MacBook?

    Have you played around with HTML coding to create web pages? You can download some free programs and create web pages for your friends, church, etc. You can create web page documents by just using a text editor and a graphics program and you can learn how to create simple HTML tags for free from simple Internet searches (do a Google search).

    There's also some web creation programs that have an easy graphic interface. It won't be at the same level as Adobe Dreamweaver or Fireworks, but it's a start. Check. You won't get rich doing this and it won't be instant fortune, but might be great for you to learn for your future. Go here to do a search of software for your Macintosh:


    Do you have a printer? What about doing typing jobs for people? That would be good practice for you and it could increase your typing speed. Your parents might also start thinking that it was a good idea buying you a MacBook. Best of luck to you.


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