Im trying to signup for affiliate programs, but am prompted to give SSN....

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by uh60pilot1993, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. ...Is this a scam or is it safe to give?
    i own a website and want to place affiliate ads on it, so that i get paid for every time a visitor clicks on the ad (which takes them to the payer's website)

    i have looked at several different websites and tried to sign up to be an "affiliate" for each, but all 3 of them asked me for my SSN "for tax purposes."

    I know my SSN is vital for my whole life, blah blah blah, i know how the system works..... but do these website businesses actually legally require me SSN?
  2. Kahless Guest

    Affiliate of what? It is against the law to ask you for your social security number unless it is someone who is paying you for work. If you are not being paid, don't give your SSN.
  3. (^_^) Guest

    Your SSN is extremely vital to your life. It is what identifies you in the United States. You would'nt want for someone else using your SSN because then they may corrupt you for life. Never give your SSN on the internet, because not only will you know it, but the whole world will.

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