Is Google AdSense more profitable than Affiliate Programs?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Jade, May 9, 2008.

  1. Jade Guest

    I'm working on a new web site that I want to make money out of. Which would be more profitable, Google AdSnese or affiliate programs? Can I use both on the same pages or site?

    Also, which affiliate programs work best for book-related web sites? Is Amaozn profitable as an affiliate program? Do I get commissions on every purchase or just those items listed on my site?

  2. D-Block Guest

    I believe AdSense is one of the most profitable ones - I've used it myself and compared to other 'programs' Adsense is the best,

    However, I've seen some really serious affiliate programs that pay very well - up to 2 dollars per click (with further action like registration, order etc)

    It all depends - you should try both - and go with whichever you like/make the most of
  3. imisidro Guest

    It all depends on your site. Many sites do well with Adsense, while some have more luck with affiliate programs. In our case, we earn in half day with Adsense what we earn in one month with affiliate programs as Adsense is doing exceptionally well for us

    The BEST approach though is to combine the two in order to have a more diversified revenue sources. Plus, some pages may work well for Adsense, while some of your pages may be more suited for affiliate programs. The key, though with affiliate programs, is to make sure that these are the products and services that your target audiences are interested in.

    With Amazon -- you need a lot of sales to be able to make it worthwhile. Amazon Associates program can give you up to 8% commission (less if the item bought is the one that is not clicked on), which means you can see commissions as low as $0.10 or even less -- so you either have to focus on high priced items, get a lot of traffic, and improve integration of ads with your site to improve sales. I suggest you read about Amazon Associates program here
  4. Johnny Tan Guest

    Johnny Tan
    Adsense is just one way to monitize your website. What I would suggest is to test your monitizing methods.

    Its also always good to have at least 2 types of money making methods.

    Slap some amazon links too if you are selling books, as its going to be very relevant.

    You can also try places link clickbank for digital ebooks or audible for audio books, all these would complement your bookwebsite.

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