Is it possible to purchase a brand new desktop computer with the latest XP...

Discussion in 'Linux Discussion' started by martin c, May 9, 2008.

  1. martin c Guest

    martin c

    Yes, Look that is just an example. You only need to ask them, but there is fee to it you can probably tell him you want it install or you don't buy it that work sometime.
  2. block9 Guest

    ...operating System pre installed? I ask as I see that there are loads of people saying bad things about Windows Vista.

    I use my computer for music and blogging, also ripping audio to mp3 etc, also email and word/excel.

    I dont play high end games only yahoo web based pool perhaps, so what would you recommend on what I would want to use it for like I mention above.

    Many thanks in advance.
  3. I know dell started putting up Windows XP as an option again because many people didn't want Vista. If the configuration you choose doesn't have that option, just call up customer service and have them put XP on instead. On a side note, it's highly recommended that you do a clean format of your computer anyways when you buy a dell because they install all kinds of bloatware that you don't need. You could just pop in the utility disk the system comes with and go through the easy format and install process.
  4. lsmithy93 Guest

    Dell still put XP Operating systems in there Desktops.
    Go onto the small business page and get a Vostro they are cheaper than the Desktops in the Home Users section and just as good
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