Is the support Oprah enjoys because of everything she gives people freebies?

Discussion in 'Freebies' started by Joe H, May 9, 2008.

  1. Joe H Guest

    Joe H
    Or is it because she is very smart? Note her actually popularity and rise to HUGE fame and money actually began when she started giving things away and lost tons of weight.
    Now would that characterize the word Liberal because they are always seen as giving and wanting everything for free?
    Just looking for an answer
    Bring on the hate mail.
    BTW I didn't disparage Oprah. I disparaged the freeloaders.
  2. god is love Guest

    god is love
    i just love oprah
  3. nebula Guest

    Oprah has never given me anything, and most likely never will, but I still love her. She understands the important things in life, like LOVE, community, and charity.

    I do think it's nice she gives so much away. Unlike plenty of other rich people who hoard it all for themselves, and will probably die miserable with millions.

    If generosity is a characteristic of being Liberal, it's just one more reason not to be Conservative.

    And no, Richard B, she doesn't appeal to women who can't think for themselves. I think you've mistaken her for Chrisitanity
  4. Oprah appeals to the lower classes with ideas of self-improvement, and hence she's smart to keep them glued to her show and to have them follow her ideas.
  5. La Siren Guest

    La Siren
    Miss O is popular because she is unfathomably generous with her OWN money. She has lived the life of the common person, was poor and made HERSELF rich. She is compassionate, real and goes up and down the scale like most of us. Who cares if she wants to give away so much! I think that would be one of the coolest things about being so rich - to be able to give people stuff. It's her own damn business.
  6. Beth Guest

    How is Oprah "smart" for what she's doing? She's not endorsing that moron for "popularity" or anything else that you cited. She's doing it because she has access to the public. We don't have that access, so we don't have the right or means of trying to sway anyone to our side of thinking.

    I will not be swayed by her just because she's Oprah Winfrey. In the end, she's just another voter..I have the same right to vote that she does, and I cannot and will not be easily manipulated by someone just because of their celebrity stance.
  7. bobby b Guest

    bobby b
    it is because she hasinterestig things o say and peopl enjoy listening to her
  8. a_wood80 Guest

    Oprah has to be smart. She figured out how to have Pontiac give away cars on her show, and make people think she's doing the giving. But yes, giving away other people's money is a strong liberal ideal.
  9. David M Guest

    David M
    Good question. Here's another. How many billionaires gained their wealth by being stupid and giving away freebies? When you look at your question from the flip side, the ignorance in it is easily revealed.
  10. I used to watch her show, but I don't any longer because to me, she is somewhat snoppy. I am from Maryland and remember her when she had an afro and was a newscaster on Channel 13 with Richard Sher! I applaud her because she has come a long way but if I remember correctly, she was rich when she was fat and before she started giving things away. LOL
  11. wooper Guest

    Can you prove that her popularity and rise to huge fame began when she started giving things away?

    She has been popular for a very long time.

    Is it true that Sean Hannity gained his popularity and rise to huge fame when he became the mouthpiece for the Bush administration? See, anybody can be an idiot.

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