"It takes money to make money" how to reverse this belief?

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  1. I am looking for answers from metaphysically-minded folks. This statement is showing itself to be true, but I want to know why it's so. I suspect it's a societal mechanism which we have unconsciously accepted, so I want to know what you think (if you think in metaphysical ways) and also what it takes to reverse this thought process and eliminate the handle it has on our reality. Anyone recognized this belief affecting their life and reversed it or thought about why it showed up as reality?
  2. ?endrick Guest

    The scams will have you think otherwise. I guess you could sale sticks off the ground or beg for money.(considering labor/work=money in economic theory)

    Of course, there's ways to increase your profits faster than others, but you have to be careful because once others catch on to your idea(and the profitability), they will do what you do and diminish your profits.

    This is simple economics, and you can keep 'dreaming' if you want. (I don't see you as a confirmed famous person, or the owner of Yahoo or anything, or no other people who answer this question)

    Read "Theory of the Leisure Class" by Veblen and it will explain things more(economic theory).

    I truly don't mean to sound negative, but you can work hard and smart to accomplish whatever you want... but it does require hard-work and smarts.
  3. megalomaniac Guest

    It doesn't take any money to be free of money. Well OK it takes a little bit but a lot less than you might think.

    There are two ways to be 'set for life'. One, pile up a big fat pile of money (often at the expense of your physical health, honesty, friendship, the environment and self-esteem) or Two, reduce your needs to the point where you only need very little to be truly happy (often at the expense of the accepted cultural norms of sacrificing everything for the almighty dollar)

    People might think you're strange but in the end you will have what is worth having: your health (both mental and physical), clean air and water (if enough people are willing to participate) and a clear conscience which can't be bought for any amount of money.

    People tend hate iconoclasts (even the beneficial variety) while they live for they make one examine one's true beliefs (and thats much too scary for most) but revere them after its too late (once they get over their fear of change, they figure out that the nut in the corner was right all along).

    Our destiny is in our own hands. We have a lot more choice than we think.
  4. Twoicys Guest

    Hmm, I don't understand metaphysicall stuff, just never read up.
    I will say that the statement is not always true. Circumstances can create opportunities that money cannot always provide.
  5. so you mean "it makes money to take money"?
  6. Jack P Guest

    Jack P
    Reversing the mindset's both important [from the perspective of folk who have no money and wish to make some], and difficult. The litany of negativity expressed by those who'd prefer to believe it is too pervasive and persistent to allow ourselves to detach ourselves from it easily.

    I'd suggest tuning into what you already know of techniques for avoiding such thoughts and beliefs, and focusing on them during long-automobile trips, during meditation sessions, pre-sleeping programming, and any other techniques you believe might help.

    For a man in rags living under a bridge, the concept's too nearly the truth to leave him a lot of elbow room. If he succumbs to the belief, he's going to end up stealing, or eating out of dumpsters, or begging.

    The rest of us have a greater margin, but the concept's similar.
  7. myles325 Guest

    It takes non-money to make non-money.

    See. Easy peasy. Kidneys....kidneys.....
  8. After reading the first 4 posts, I am not sure that there are many metaphysicals souls responding.

    My take on this is that there is a difference between "making" money from the sense of "earning" money and "making" money from the sense of "creating" money.

    From a strictly metaphysical viewpoint, the Law of Circulation and the Law of Intention work together to CREATE money.

    The Law of Circulation says that whatever you want you must first give away.

    The Law of Intention says that whatever you focus on, you will manifest.

    There are so many Bible and other spiritual texts to back this up.

    The other thing at work is Quantum Physics. At the quantum level (which is beyond electrons and protons), there are either particles or waves (energy). The cool thing is that they can't be seen at the same time. So let's say that we have a microscope powerful enough to see these and if we are looking for particles and we look under the microscope, we see particles. With the same microscope at the very next instant we can look for waves and that is what we see...no particles (Read David Bohm or the Copenhagen resolution to verify this, Einstein was really pissed about this).

    So...back to "it takes money to make money". That is really nonsense. It takes an intention on money and looking for money (particle and energy of such) to CREATE money.

    I got out of $60K debt in less than a year by inacting these Laws.

    Here's to wealth,
    Angie Milhous
  9. xandx2004 Guest

    I saw a man on the news once that took a paper clip, made a trade with it for something better, he did this alot and eventually ended up with a car, then something better.

    So it would seem so....but

    You could always be given money....

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