iWeb site > FTP client > GoDaddy-hosted domain > 403 Forbidden?

Discussion in 'Domain Discussions' started by Annie P, May 7, 2008.

  1. Annie P Guest

    Annie P
    I publish my site pages from iWeb, then upload them to my hosted domain via Captain FTP. When I visit my website, I get a 403 error. I know exactly what is happening but don't know how to prevent it. . .GoDaddy, my website host, infers that the files being created by iWeb are setting permissions that don't allow the pages to be seen once they are uploaded to the host. I can fix it (after the fact) by logging into GoDaddy, going to the hosting control center, and clicking next to each file then clicking Permissions and checking the box 'Web Visible.' That's a pain! I want permissions to be set automatically for all pages and objects that are a part of the site to be Web Visible after being published by iWeb and retaining those permissions all the way through publishing at the domain. What do I do??

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