Joomla and affiliate programs?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Vanessa Vanessa, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. I have a joomla site customized by a webdesigner. I was given admin access and now I have been approved affiliation with various sites. The webdesigner is no longer with me. How do I put these affiliate links when they are HTML codes and the site is joomla and the admin side that I am groping to manage is not in HTML?

    Can I just add a content page - and put the html links there?
  2. aeseeke Guest

    I've I'm understand this right you don't actually have access to the code of the site so you can't modify it?

    If that's the case I have no clue what to tell you, don't think you can change it.

    But if you can change the code go (in the code) to where you want to put the links and type

    <a href="link to where you want to go.html" />Description</a>
  3. Gruumsh Guest

    Yes, you can put your affiliate links anywhere that you can put HTML, including pages, borders, blocks, etc.

    Where is most appropriate will depend on the nature and focus of the affiliate program. For example, if the product for sale relates to the entire theme of your site, then by all means put it in a box that will be visible on ALL pages.

    On the other hand, if an affiliated product is more specific, and would only be of interest to readers of one or two pages, then put it on those pages only.

    Basically for best effectiveness, try to get inside the head of visitors to your site... what were they searching for on Google or Ask or Yahoo when they landed on YOUR site? Will the product be of interest to THAT demographic?

    If not, then the ads will just be annoying, and you won't get a lot of clicks for your trouble.

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