Linux commands - need a reminder?

Discussion in 'Linux Discussion' started by Adam B, May 5, 2008.

  1. Adam B Guest

    Adam B
    Studying for midterm, and just needed a reminder of some linux commands that i havent used in months:

    1) Remove all files in current working directory that end in .bak
    2) Count the number of files and directories in the parent directory of the current directory
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  3. RideYukon164 Guest

    rm ./*.bak

    ls ../ | wc

    ./ just means the current directory
    ../ means the directory immediately above.
  4. prd_muslim Guest

    hope this will help you .
    I dont really know much about linux command or programming and design but have my reasons lol
  5. wondering Guest

    1) rm *.bak (this will work if you are in the directory you want to remove the files from ) otherwise use

    rm /dir1/dir2//dir3/*.bak

    2) ls -lr | wc -l

    ls -lr gives the long listing which is piped to the wc command ,wc -l counts the number of lines ..hwoever to count the files in the parent directory you have to navigate the parent directory or do something like this

    ls -lr /dir1/dir2/ | wc -l

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