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Discussion in 'Linux Discussion' started by Aleks, May 4, 2008.

  1. Aleks Guest

    hello to all linux people. I have a problem, I installed CS(Counter Strike) on Suse 10.1, i followed the instructions to installation, i tried to play it, it did not work. i dont care. i want to remove it now. i tried many different commands. i know that the directory which contains the files, hlds, has a little, yellow lock on the icon. The commands i tried are rmdir, rm -r, remove, and others. i also read somewhere that i have to unlink it, which i look for but could not find on the internet.

    thanks in advance.

    in short, how can i remove a directory in Suse 10.1 when it is not empty and has the little yellow lock on the icon of the directory?

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