LInux commands?

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  1. Where is the linux commands? or whitch directory are saved?
    the commands same as : "pstree","gnome-system-monitor " , "ps",.......
    my mean is the source code of commands.
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  3. You can type: "man bash" in your terminal to check it.

    If you want to locate a specific command,
    Let said you wanna find out where pstree command located,
    (usually in /usr/bin)
    You can type "which pstree", it will show you the path.

    I hope my answer will help you!
  4. generally the command executables are stored in the following directories
    1. /bin
    2. /sbin
    3. /usr/bin
    4. /usr/sbin
    5. /usr/local/bin
    6. /usr/local/sbin
    If you have any reasons to believe that the executables are not stored in the standard directories you can always use 'which'
    just type which <command-name> on a terminal and it will give you the exact location of the command
    $ which ps
    > /bin/ps

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