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    What different versions of linux are there and which is best.What does the linux os use for word prossecing and other applications?
  2. The very first Answerer, Mr. Linux gives good info. Open Office is used in Linux. The O-O packages in the two flavors of Linux that I have will allow you to open documents made in Windows Office. "Wine" and "VMWare" allow you to run Windows-based apps in Linux. One or the other will do.

    Here's some additional info for you:

    While a LOT of folks know about and suggest a newbie to Linux start with Ubuntu or any of it variants, I suggest PCLinuxOS. I've used both PCLOS and Kubuntu and have found that while the Kubuntu is a tiny bit more robust in it's looks, PCLOS does the same thing and is somewhat easier to use right off the bat. BUT, I was able to figure out how to navigate in Kubuntu in short order!...just not as quickly as the PCLOS.

    I also found the PCLOS to be a lighter OS than Kubuntu which seems a bit bloated slowing it least from the ROM tray.

    To find out more about Linux you can visit and go through these websites for a start on you education about Linux:

    Within the site you can find a Linux User Group in your area so you can go to their FREE meetings and learn from those who USE different flavors of Linux and have first hand experience with Linux in general as well as other computer related issues. The LUG that I attend has been invaluable for me! On my very first visit to one of their meetings I came home with bootable cd/dvds of PCLinuxOS 2007, Kubuntu 7.04 (the lastest versions to date) and two monitors all for FREE!

    Once you've gone through the DistroWatch site that Mr. Linux gave you, you can then research further the flavors that interest you by going to their own websites to learn even more about them.

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