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  1. hey guyzz...plz tell me about linux liky wat it actually is n frm were can i download it??
  2. tk2 Guest

    It's a free Operating System.
    If you want to try linux,I suggest you to use the live CD, which you dont have to install it in your hard disk.Just insert the CD while your computer's booting and ~tada.Linux's there.

    Ubuntu gives the live cd for free.Sign up there.
  3. Tyler D Guest

    Tyler D
    While you can download, its kinda nicer to buy from a guy on ebay who downloaded it and put it on a CD.

    Put Unless you really need it, or absolutely HATE windows, don't

    I dont really like windows so i tried out linux. ITS A PAIN. Its more like apple than windows, and ud have to suffer incompatabilities left and right. Then if you want to switch back to windows............thats even harder. It took me about 3 days to figure it out and im really adaptive to computer stuff.

    good luck if you do try it
  4. human_way Guest


    Basically is another kind of Operating System in which you can do anything with like Windows, Most versions of linux are free, which is a advantage, it is open source so it can be modified the you want to act or be, there is a lot of coding involved which is a disavantage.

    You can go to and learn lot more about Linux and find some great links that can help you
  5. zeus Guest

    It's an operating system for computers... similar to windows xp and mac osx.
    Here are some screenshots of how it can look:

    It is highly customizable operating system that has many "flavors" also known as distributions.

    If you would like to use it for a everyday use like email, browsing the internet you might want to go with the following distributions:

    both have huge followings and any questions that you might have can be answered here:

    You will find people there that will help you through the download and installation process.
  6. IT Pro Guest

    IT Pro
    Linux is an alternative operating system to Windows. You can download Ubuntu Linux here:
  7. Rovaals Guest

    GNU/Linux (the correct name according to the GNU group) is a kernel. Many free operating systems use it as their core. Ubuntu is very popular right now, you can order free CDs (with free shipping) from their site. Goto and click the "shipit" link. Of course you can download it from the site too, but the official CDs are nice.

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