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  1. mark040689 Guest

    what is the best flavor of linux? ubuntu? fedora? etc. please try to provide a link. and explain why you like it best.

    also what is the flavor of linux that lets you make the desktop into a cube? and lastly which other flavors have similar things you can do with the desktop? try to provide a link.
  2. The "cube" desktop is Beryl, which can take maintenance. Link below is screenshot with 64Studio Linux, a pre-built multi-media studio for 64-bit machines running as Beryl.

    Linux is linux. I wished I was smart enough to keep it at the command-line interface, but I like Ubuntu with all its add-ons because it is easy to install and maintain. Ubuntu has the ubuntu forum which is a great group talented users from all over the world.
  3. I like Fedora.

    There is no best flavor. There's just your preference. The good thing about Linux is, if you don't like what's out there you can role your own.

    Fedora comes with Compiz-fusion (the cube you're referencing). However, you need to have proprietary drivers installed (ATI or Nvidia). Go with Nvidia because they are MUCH more open source friendly than ATI is. I've yet to have any problem with Nvidia (I have an 8500 GT).

    Go to They have reviews and a forum to ask questions. You can email me if you have any more questions.

  4. Wind Guest


    It comes with a minimal software needed in most office, but the repository itself is quite complete. Oh yeah, it's including that cube thing :D

    Any distros that include desktop effect application (compviz is the one found in ubuntu) can do the similar things.
  5. linux_up Guest

    ubuntu based distros like linux mint, pc linux, ubuntu, dream linux. they have the most support out there of all the distros
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    I think xubuntu a flavor of ubuntu is the best, you can just google ubuntu and find the website, the reason i like xubuntu is because it's built with low system requirments so if you put it a fast computer it works fast, it has gui similar to Windows so that's a benifet, but of all the OS's i like Vista
  7. snakeeyes Guest

    Hi, I like openSUSE. Here r my reasons:

    1. Very stable with less bugs compared to other systems like ubuntu.
    2. Its the only linux system which is as polished as Mac OS X or Windows.
    3. It has excellent documentation.
    4. It looks good by default
    5. Its very easy to use and has a GUI for everything unlike other Linux systems.
    6. Hardware support is excellent in all.
    7. Great community support as well.
    8. Since openSUSE started the compiz fusion project which r the desktop effects then they have the latest ones on it.
    9. Novell which is openSUSE's sponsors have a deal with Microsoft so there is better compatibility of file formats and it is the only Linux system which can open .docx files and stuff.
    10. All the best and latest software is on it, and its very easy to maintain.

    OpenSUSE is perfect for a new user as well as old ones.

    Good Luck!

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