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Discussion in 'Internet Marketing / Revenue' started by venturoboy, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. venturoboy Not Active

    Jul 12, 2008
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    Are there any webmasters out their looking to create revenue by collecting marketable leads and selling them to Direct Marketing companies?

    Being a webmaster myself I have had very little returns on past affiliate schemes however the solution I am developing allows you to market your own leads and have returns of upto 75%.

    We are currently building our database and have over 900k records thus far and are looking for new webmasters to join our project. We can incorporate your existing data and also give you guidance on what leads are on-demand
    in the Direct marketing industry - so you can increase your revenue further.

    Our site is scheduled for go-live on the 1st August.

    I am interested in your feedback, positive or negative.
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  3. Fuzzer Qdoos Contributor

    Aug 10, 2007
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    Sounds interesting and possibly some thing i would look into of course after more info on what it would involve from myself ?
  4. Iearn-Money Qdoos Contributor

    Jun 10, 2008
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    Actually better be named as "Get paid to signup" You refer affiliate and you receive commission, well actually this method could make a great profits for you, I have a new revolution (Launched recently) of affiliate marketing paying $7 per sign up! Will be up on Qdoos soon as I'm making a review

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