More than one Adwords voucher???

Discussion in 'Google' started by nclguy352, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. nclguy352 Guest


    I have more than one Adwords voucher. Its says that "only one promotional code per customer". I know I cant use this again, but, if a partner of mine creates a new account (and creates an advert for a website that i am currently advertising), would that be viable?

    I dont want to rip anyone off, i just want to use the vouchers that i have...problem is.....i only have one site for which to use it.

    Cheers, Nclguy352
  2. Scott Clark Guest

    Scott Clark
    it violates the spirit of the voucher. I would not do this.

    HOWEVER, it would work. Google will not check the destination URLs against other advertisers as far as I know.

    Scott Clark

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