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    Works fine, and is the NTSC (North America/Canada) version. It comes with AC/charger, remote, manual and battery. It accepts MiniDV tapes and works great. Cosmetically excellent. 1394/firewire works great. It'll need an external mic (I used wireless ones). It does have XLR connectors, and will provide phantom power to professional microphones. The LCD has some dirt on it, but it'll clean up nicely. It comes with the proper lenshood and cap, along with the proper hand grip. The sel/push/Exec button on the rear is a bit flaky, but just requires some patience. There are 630 hours on the machine, but this is considered low.

    I will only ship this camera to the USA or Canada. No bids from outside of Canada or the USA will be accepted. Shipping and customs costs are to be paid by the buyer. Shipping within Canada will be $35 and to the USA will be $55 (as this will have to be a somewhat large and heavy package). The specs from Sony are listed below.

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