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  1. <3MeAlways Guest

    Tell my some names of good movies ((NON-Horror, of witchcraft aka Harry Potter, etc)) We really like anything, romance, etc. Names is all we need lol.. we have watched like everything and need more things that we can watch...

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  3. sean v Guest

    sean v
    well "I am Legend" is a very good one it has about 2 parts that will make you jump has a sad ending but overall it is probly Will Smith's best movie hes made
  4. Unbreakable
    The Sixth Sense
    and more
  5. GoodGuy53 Guest

    Yes...Second Hand Lions.
    No...The Puffy Chair. (Crap)
  6. Jack C Guest

    Jack C
    2001 A Space Odyssey

    12 Monkeys

    Twilight Zone The Movie
  7. Chaya Ahuvah Guest

    Chaya Ahuvah
    Click, Evan Almighty (20 thumbs up), finding nemo (40 thumbs up), shrek2, national treasure 2 (still in theaters, really funny!!)
  8. MOONLIGHT ON TBS EVERY FRIDAY, umm, BENNY AND JOON with Johnny Depp, that's seriously like the best one. Edward Scissor Hands....
  9. U?K?OW? Guest

    Knocked Up
    I Am Legend
  10. A walk to remember
    August Rush
    Just in case for horror- I am legend
    Alvin and the chimpmunks
    PS I love you
  11. Chencia Guest

    The Nanny Diaries (comedy/romance)
    Illegal Tender (action/drama)
    Mr. Brooks (thriller/drama)
    Day Watch (action/sc-fi)
    Life Support (drama)
    The Family Stone (drama/comedy)
    I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (comedy)
    Deja Vu (action/drama)
    Shooter (action)
    Apocalypto (action/subtitled)

    This is just off the top of my head. Hope that helps.

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