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  1. jly Guest

    Do you think movies are getting less realistic? Please explain why or why not
  2. no!!!!!, coz the movies are always a bit unrealistic.....

    If you want to watch realistic movies, should watch documentals

    but I think, the less realistic movies are cool too....

    xxx Nicolas...
  3. Roland Guest

    I think most drama films are very realistic. Go watch "Half Nelson."

    Here's the trailer:
  4. Ms. H Guest

    Ms. H
    I think that some movies are getting less realistic whereas others are getting more realistic. Documentaries and historically based movies seem to be pretty realistic but some of the thrillers and comedies out now can seem off the wall with some of their plots at times.
  5. Possibly. I know it's sometimes hard for me to find a movie that I'd easily be willing to see again. I find myself skipping over a lot of movies that play on TV and not wanting to see a lot of movies that are in theaters because they just to have that excitement. I mean there are a few newer ones, but not many. But yeah, I think that people are just running out of ideas, I mean how many Disney sequels can you make?
  6. suzanne w Guest

    suzanne w
    With all the movies they have made ,I think they are running low on ideas .But then again I think unrealistic movies are great.
  7. shahrzad29 Guest

    Well it depends in genres. In graphics they are improving.
    Romantic-yes they are.
    Sci-Fi-No. I think they used to be extremely unrealistic
    Historical Fiction: No. Graphics are well done.
    Action: No
    Horror: yes.
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