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  1. what do teens 10 years-17 years old teenage girls like to listen to?
  2. Missy Guest

    Anything top 40s. Go to itunes and the top songs are what they'll listen to.
  3. dana s Guest

    dana s
    My daughter is 10 and she adores Miley cyrus and the jonas brothers. We went to their concerts in Phoenix last month and there were SO many teen girls there...hope this helps
  4. Babies Guest

    pop music.. any kind
  5. A Person? Guest

    A Person?
    It depends the on the person.I like The Killers,Panic!,FOB,Paramore,Boys Like Girls,and THe All American Rejects,and my best friend same age likes Gwen Stefani,Fergie,Colibie Calliat,etc.

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