Nead asp code for email... well php or some other will work also .. the

Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by Nasa, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. Nasa Guest

    purpose is sending email? Ok the problem is i want some easy code... to send mail.. supporse i made a page... e.g. "mail.asp" in this page.. there is nothing but a form.. which having 1 text box and one sendButton
    now what i want is simmply when some one write any thing in the text box. and press the send button.. it will come to please i need it urgent .. thanx so much.. < i've search to mcuh on net and found also but not working OR can't understand.... pls web programmer give me some code accourding to above requirments ... thanx.. the work one will get.10 points.. for sure
  2. MikeScott Guest

    With PHP:

    $address = ""; //the address to send to

    $subject = "Hello"; //the emails subject

    $message = "Hello"; //the email message

    mail($address, $subject, $message);

    Obviously you can use your POST variables for the $address, $subject and $message
  3. joes Guest


    I can't recommend Ledformmail highly enough. Simple and configurable if you need it to be.

    Oh and free to use.


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