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  1. Exclusive service for dating webmasters is now offered by dating affiliate program -
    GOOGLE AdSense Revenue share!

    Webmasters are get paid for:
    - Users' clicks - the higher your traffic quality is - the more you earn
    - Free signups - $1 per sign up in average
    - Membership purchases through four billings types: credit card, paypal, pay-by-phone, pay-by-SMS
    - User's clicks on ads that are placed on with YOUR ADSENSE GODE

    How it works:
    - You supply your AdSense ID during registration
    - You get promo materials and links that you place on your websites
    - Your visitors go to
    - You get paid for users clicks, free signups, purchases and for AdSense Revenue Share at the same time
    - Ads with your AdSense ID are shown 50% of time for your visitors

    What does Goolge think about it?
    - We have official permission from Goolge Adsense to run this business model
    - For more details please see

    Benefits you get with
    - State-of-the-art website design & unique service idea: "rate me" + "profile-based" dating!
    - We pay you for traffic right after you start to send it - no need to wait till your visitors start to join!
    - Get free start-up bonus of $10
    - 100% realtime statistics
    - Customizable feed with geo-targetting
    - Free marketing consulting & support 24x7
    - Four types of billing payments are accepted - increase your convertion rate!
    - Your visitors are tracked by cookies forever!
    - Unique anti-cheat shield (detects even ActiveX-bots) by analyzing clicks distributions
    - Exclusive AdSense revenue share

    For more details please see
    Or visit our dating service and check out it's design & idea:

    No adult content and nude traffic are allowed on our website.

    Kind regards,
    Webmaster of
    ICQ: 10226680
    admin (at)

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