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    Do you want to publish free, keyword-rich
    content to your Blogger blog automatically?

    A New, Never Before Seen
    RSS-To-Blog Script!

    The Automated Blogger Poster script can update an unlimited number of Blogger blogs from almost ANY RSS Feed.
    You can use it to build strong backlinks to your main site or to automate a huge number of blogs with AdSense and affiliate links.


    It's cheaper then WordPress!

    If you want to build 100 Wordpress blogs, you typically need 100 domains (about $8 each, per year).
    For just 5 years that would cost you $4000!
    With Automated Blogger Poster that costs you $0.00 because you can use
    FREE Blogger BlogSpot hosting.

    Save your time - It's faster !

    To register 100 domains, setup a server for each, install WordPress, install plugins, etc...
    You typically need at least 20 minutes per blog - that's more than 30 hours for 100 blogs!
    And what would you do when WordPress announces new software versions and you have to update all 100 domains?

    How Does Automated Blogger Poster Work?
    - You can add unlimited projects (depends of your hosting), one for each Blogger blog that you operate.
    - For every blog you can add unlimited RSS feeds.
    - Automated Blogger Poster will post posts on your blog network automatically, however you choose to schedule it!
    - This system will look at all the posts in your RSS feeds and automatically post the one with the most content!

    This System Will Run Itself 24/7 On AutoPilot !

    Is this Software Easy to Use?

    You will receive a full step-by-step guide (only 5 steps) on how to upload and install this script on your server.
    With the "Basement Blog Network" book that comes with this script, you will have everything you need to build and manage your blog networks!

    NOTE: If you don't know how to install scripts yourself, I can do it for you - just contact me!

    You can have your own system up and running within minutes of your investment and be making money... TODAY!

    Find out more about Automated Blogger Poster Script on

    Download it for Only $17 before the price increases

    You Have Nothing To Lose!
    If you are not satisfied with the high quality of this product,
    simply let me know within 30 days and I will give you a 100% refund.

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    hm. interesting script ....
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    Are the posts it makes considered duplicate content or does it require and extra plugin to rewrite the post?

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