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Discussion in 'Link exchange.' started by crumblepie, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. crumblepie Guest

    This cool new thumbnail exchange is exclusively for blogs. It's similar to a banner exchange or a traffic exchange, but instead of displaying banners, you display thumbnails. And the blogs you link to aren't just blogs, they're your roomies! Here is a screenshot of the website:


    The thumbnail rotates sequentially to make it fair for everyone. So every time the page is refreshed, you get a new roomie! For now they're sticking to one category for all blogs, but once My Roomie gets more popular, they'll match you with other roomies in the same blog category.

    Sign up now if you want to get a roomie of your own!
  2. crumblepie Guest

    Good News!

    My Roomie has developed a new widget and is now accepting WordPress Blogs into its Blog Network.

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