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    right now?
    Today i made some tests and made a small research about using and improving internet from my cell phone and i found some interesting things i wish to share here...so here i go:

    As you may know Windows Mobile have some nice features but...when using it for browsing Internet you must agree with me than isn't a great deal...Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile is too slow and really limited (try using it with your Smartphone and will see the results...).

    So after searching on Google, forums and so on i tried Opera Mini (V. 4.1). This light browser is J2ME comliant (teorically you can run This browser on any mobile phone, PDA and Smartphone with a Java macchine installed.

    How to install Opera Mini: The best way is directly from your Internet Explorer browser!, going to www.operamini.com (just be carefully about your internet connection: if you are surfing the web without any flat plan maybe via GPRS or UMTS then it could be a bit expensive due this installation takes some minutes; and taking some bucks from your wallet!).

    1- Go to www.operamini.com, select "download Opera Mini! and click "yes" in case you are asked.

    2- If the downloading goes as it should (i hope yes), you could see automatically installed the file "mini.jar) (this file includes all those files for the Java installation and environment). Click to "yes" to access the web.

    3- Now you should be ready to surf usin Opera!. A brief introduction let you know how to use this browser and at the end some info about the license agreement. Click "Accept" to continue and reach the main page.

    Two tips when using Opera:

    This version of Opera is really fast due is supported from a server that compress almost all data you are downloading. In order to have a better resolution and setting your dimensions go to "Menu">>"Instruments" >>"Settings" then play a bit with the quality (The resolution and size) of the images.

    If you found a really interesting page but have no time to read all the content or just wish to save from your connection then you can download this page for further use. Go to "Menu">>"Instruments">>"Save Page". Here you can select where to download this page into your folders (located on the fixed memmory of your cell phone).

    I'm still testing it so i'll update this thread later with more info and results (if i can, i'll attach some pics)...Just an important note: If you are newbie or haven't any background with Java, Opera or IE then don't try this due i can't guarante this will work to you as is working to me!.
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