Over 65mb of fonts! $5 (Spiderman, roadway, etc.)

Discussion in 'Templates and scripts' started by almondj, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. almondj Guest

    I'm selling a massive package of nearly 400 fonts including many famous and popular fonts for $5 :x!

    Siderman font: Great for spiderman fan sites and blogs, also for PS3 sites (same font.)

    Roadway font: Road sign font that you see labeling the streets throughout the US, great for 3D modeling and general photo editing.

    Dayton font: Similar to Hollywood themed fonts. Great for movie sites.

    Matrix font: Great for a tech themed site or Matrix fan site.

    Many many horrific/capital/generic/unique fonts included. To many to list.

    PM for ordering info and questions!

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