pay per click script needed?

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  1. dtlsainzy Guest

    hi yahoo
    here is my question
    im building a website using Yahoo! sitebuilder
    on my website ill have many ads from advertisers
    these will be in the form of words and photos
    eg: there will be a word or photo, once a user clicks on it they will
    be sent to the advertisers website
    i need a script to count the number of times each ad is clicked. also
    the script needs to be have a payement system for me to take payements
    eg: at a weekly basis or once a certain number of hits have been
    there are many scripts that do this but many are not very good and
    some take a percentage of my money which i dont want.
    also yahoo sitebuilder only uses some scripts, html, perl i think, but
    they dont guarantee php.....
    can you find me a very good script to integrate with my website?
    many thanks
  2. Jason Guest

    Sure, but it's going to cost you.
  3. It's not really a script that you need. You need an ad serving solution that will allow you to count the things that advertisers are willing to pay for (impressions or clicks).

    If you are just going to add in a Google AdSense script and have Google do all the ad sales and management for you, then just go to and sign up.

    If you want a full ad serving solution you'll need to take a look at your web hosting infrastructure to determine what you can use. I like an app called phpAds which is a pretty robust ad serving solution

    The third choice is to outsource the serving of your ads, but this is a relatively pricey option.

    Source - former head of an online ad network (me).

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