Pay Per Click/times page viewed Websites?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Jason C, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Jason C Guest

    Jason C
    Im opening a new website and I am looking to put up advertisments to make the monthly fee of my site. Anyone know af any good places to go?
    I'll add that I'm not looking to advertise my own website, rather advertise for others.
  2. dsrb4u Guest

    try google adsense
  3. jon k Guest

    jon k
    look at other sites and email the owner/creator for ideas on how to get sponsor ships
  4. T F Guest

    T F
    A good company to look into for marketing your site online is They have marketing plans for businesses and individuals that cover Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, and other services.
    T F,

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