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  1. [Summer] Guest

    Hey hey hey. Well I do love good pictures. So i want to know how to do something. && Without paying anything.

    +So how can I make my picture look like this?
  2. Zylcho Guest

    Open picture in Photoshop.

    Click image > Adjustments > Black and white, or (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+B)

    Click on history brush and alter picture.
    (you can additionally use the magic wand to highlight areas you want to recolor)

    Save :)
  3. manuche239 Guest

    Idk but those are great pics
  4. rockinu247 Guest

    Zylcho has a nice quick way to accomplish that effect, but its not the best, expecially if you want to make the colors more vibrant than they really are (as seen in those examples). Plus there are some extra things you can do to get the most out of making a color picture "black and white" (technically called grayscale unless black and white are the only two colors used)

    -First open the image and make a copy of the layer, this can easily be done by clicking and dragging the layer to the "create new layer" icon at the bottom of the layers pallete (looks like a piece of paper with a corner folded down)

    -Now you should have 2 identical layers, we are going to take the top layer and turn it "black & white" To do this effectively, and get the best results you are going to use what is called "Calculations" This found under Image.

    -Mess around with the various channels, blending modes, opacity. Once you get a good look, in the "Result" option, choose "new document" This will create a new document of the black and white image.

    -In the new document, go up to Image-Mode-Grayscale, now this will make what was a channel a workable layer. with the move tool active, hold down shift and click and drag the balck and white layer into the other document with the colored layer, putting the black and white layer on top of the colored one.

    -add a layer mask to the black and white layer. With the black and white layer active click the icon on the bottom of the layers pallette that looks like a white circle inside a gray rectangle. You will see what looks like blank canvas appear next to the active layer, click on it and ensure it is active (black outline), you now paint in black and white to hide/reveal portions of the layer without deleting any pixel information. Painting black hides portions of the layer, and white reveals. By default it will be created white, in turn revealing all of the layer, paint black to hide what you dont want to see (or in this case what you want to be color)

    -Now you can adjust the colored layer below to intensify the colors and add to the overall dramatic affect. the best way to make colors "pop" is to go into Image-Adjustments-Hue/ Saturation. You can mess around with all the options, but the one that will make the color more vibrant is the saturation slider, crank it up a bit and you will see the colors start to pop.

    I hope this helps.
    Here is an example i did real quick so you could see a before and after.

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