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  1. lady.lithium Guest

    i had a trial period of Photoshop 7 (i think that was the one that i had...) well when it ended, i wanted to download it. but i haven't been able to find it. I also was told that there are different versions that are easier to find but more expensive.
    my question is, where can i get Photoshop 7? and if i can't get that, then where can i find an inexpensive program that is similar?

    (I was using photoshop to color artwork rather than actual photos, if that helps....)
  2. cRisTi Guest

    You can download photoshop 7.0 off of Limewire.
  3. bdc3141 Guest

    I don't know much about it, but try GIMP. It's really similar to Photoshop, and it's free.
  4. redsoxer Guest

    Try the GIMP.
  5. If you would like you can get photoshop 9.0 (CS2) for free, feel free to check this method out. It's free of viruses and trojans, just follow this video step by step:
  6. Tim S Guest

    Tim S
    Buy Photoshop Elements 4-5. It will most likely do what you need and is less than $100. If often comes free with some scanners.

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