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  1. Jessica M Guest

    Jessica M
    okay, i just learned how to change eye colors, skin tone, backgrounds, && simple things like that..
    how do i erase wrinkles && lines, && whiten && straighten teeth??
    if you know how to apply make up && stuff like that, w/o downloading it, please tell me also...
    i'm pretty good at it =]
    uhm also,
    can you please tell me EVERYTHING about photoshop....
    when i say that..
    i mean EVERYTHING.
    from skin tone, to the filters....
    i actually want to see most of the filters.
    i seen a tutorial on teeth whitening on youtube..
    i have photoshop elements 6...
  2. pearpcs Guest


    This is your bestfriend when it comes to editing skin, erasing things.

    You click the clone stamp and go to an area and hit alt and click to select an area to clone and then click to apply to the area. Its hard to explain but if you want I can show you some things with remote assistance if you have vista or xp.

    my (yahoo) is and_27_y
  3. Shreejan d Guest

    Shreejan d
    i reccomend u to download tutorials of photoshop and read it and do it than asing in yahoo in this u will not get the best away in time so reccomend u to download tutorial and use it it is easy to understand and apply
  4. Use the clone tool at a low opacity and change its mode to Lighten.
    u can use the healing tool to
  5. for wrinkles i would suggest the clone stamp and use others parts of the persons skin. Also to whiten and straighten teeth i would adjust the hue/saturation of the selected teeth and adjust as need be. To shape the teeth the transform options should be enough to get them straight. I hope this helped.

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