Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by drum_stix5b, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. drum_stix5b Guest

    i know theres alot of different versions of it
    what store can i get it at for the cheapest price?

    (i live in california if that helps)
  2. Laid back Guest

    Laid back
    Costco sometimes has really good buys on software. Beyond that do a search on the web and compare prices. You can order from most reputable sites.
  3. I downloaded photo shop 6 off of bit torrent,couple bucks.
  4. junbao2004 Guest

    Black Friday is coming up. Usually, on that day you can go to places like Best Buy, CompUSA or Circuit City to get it. Usually it's half price or even free after rebate.

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