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  1. Kaylieee<3 Guest

    Okay so heres the thing.
    I really want a program to mess around with my pictures.
    I'm considering photoshop but I have never messed around with it before.
    If you have any suggestions or comments about the program that would be fabulous!
    Also, i'm willing to spend up to $150.
    Would i get a good enough program for that?
    I know they get pretty expensive.
    But i'm open to anything you have to give me, wether it be a type a photoshop you suggest, another type of photo program, anything!
    Thank You
  2. rubrct2 Guest

    Please, please don't get photoshop. It may be the best image editor there is, but only if you know how to use it. There are many alternatives out there that can do what you want, but for less.

    My personal favorite is "Paint.NET"- a free image editor that runs off the Microsoft .NET Framework. I use this program all the time, almost every day. If you're running on Vista, then the .NET framework is already installed, but if you're on XP you'll need to get it off Microsoft:

    Oh, and before I forget, here's the link to the Paint.NET homepage:

    EDIT: Just a note, GIMP is a great program, but hard to use. It takes months of practice to get used to it, and it isn't very useful for "quick chops" (better for painting and sketching). Oh, and the meaning of the acronym GIMP as stated above is wrong: it's GNU Image Manipulation Program.

    EDIT2: is where I post a lot of my Paint.NET art; check it out!
  3. Try GIMP or GIMPshop which are free and do most of the things photoshop

    p.s. gimp stands for genetic image manupulation program in case you thougt I was being rude

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