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  1. It says, "Could not initialize photoshop because there is not enough memory (ram)."

    How can I fix this without purchasing anything?

    Do I delete certain things off my computer?

    Help is very much appreciated.
  2. doumbek Guest

    "Yeah, you need to go through and clear out any uneccessary programs that take up a lot of memory."

    This, and some of the other suggestions, are completely wrong. Programs only take up memory if they are RUNNING. While they are not running, they consume DISK SPACE, which is very different. Nuking all your programs in Add and Remove Programs is not going to help MEMORY one bit. It's just going to make you worse off than you were five minutes ago.

    Photoshop uses what's called virtual memory. This means you can use only as much memory as you tell it to, for anything else it needs it will use a temporary space on your hard disk as a memory "workspace." This can be accessed by going to File->Preferences->Memory Cache. You can "turn down" the percentage of RAM PS uses here, experiment with different levels but try not to go lower than 20%.

    But first, you have to get into Photoshop to do this, so you're going to have to figure out how to temporarily free up more RAM being used by other programs just to get it launched. This is no place to describe precisely what you can "turn off" without messing up your system, so we can start with simply rebooting the computer, and without opening ANY programs, try launching Photoshop. IF you can get into it, dandy - set the amount of memory PS uses as described above.

    If not, go to the help for your system to see how to turn off programs at startup - this is most likely going to be by using the "diagnostic startup" built into the system. After you've managed to get Photoshop launched and the RAM turned down, you can set your system back to "normal" startup.

    A side note, if you're on Windows XP, bite the bullet and get at least 1GB of RAM. XP is a major improvement over '98 but is a memory hog. Avoid Vista at all costs.

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