Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by HatakeSage, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. HatakeSage Guest

    How can i get brushes? every where i go i find nice and great ones that are free ! but they're always for CS3 or CS2 or 7.0+!
    I am sad! my parents will not buy me a higher version! My 5.0 elements cost me 80$ at walmart! Dx

    Can someone link me a site that will let me use brushes for free? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee? TT+TT
  2. HannahannaH Guest

    i dont use elements but my guess is there arent any downloadable brushes since its not really a full version of photoshop.
  3. H P Guest

    H P
    what photoshop u got???

    make ur ow brushes it is easy

    I tried this and was able to do it

    click on the pic
    H P,

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