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  1. how can i cut somebody's face from one pic. and substitute by somone esle's from another picture. (plz either give me a link or say it in details)
  2. rssays Guest

    hiii!! you can use Adobe Illustrator. download from rapidshare and its free!!
  3. you can do this job using pin tool

    search for any lessons explain how to use pin tool and you will do it
  4. V2K1 Guest

    Here it is for Windows CS2. Mac and other versions may differ:

    1. Open the image file you want to remove the face from
    2. Use the lasso tool to select the face you want to remove
    3. Hit "delete" to remove the face
    4. Open up the second image
    5. Use the lasso tool to select the face you want to put into the first picture
    6. Hit CTRL + C to copy the face
    7. Go back to the first image and hit CTRL+ V to paste the face in
    8. Use the move tool to move the face to where you want it
    9. Hit CTRL + T to adjust the size of the face
    10. Hit ENTER to save the resizing
    11. If you want to save as a jpg, go to Layer --> Flatten image -- otherwise it will be a psd file
    12. Save the image with a new file name

    Hope this helps.

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