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  1. mrsanabloom Guest

    okay HELP ME. im in a pickle with photoshop.
    i need to know like how to change like an eye color! pronto
    so help!!!
  2. Well I just figured this out. You go to the the little tool box with the brushes, text, etc. Where you see an icon with a small circle and a brush. If you mouse over it, it says Quick Selection. <br><br>Hope I helped.
  3. Jessica Guest

    open your picture and duplicate the layer set the layer copy to black and white.

    make a new raster layer and using the brush tool, go over the eye with whichever colour. Set the blend mode to overlay.

    Use the magic wand tool, select any area away from the colour. (make sure you're on the new layer with the colour)

    Slections>Modify>feather... about 2 pixels. Then Slections>Invert

    Layer>Merge>Merge Down

    select the bnw layer and hit delete on your keyboard to erase the rest of the black and white layer, leaving the blue.

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