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  1. I am using Photoshop Elements 6 and I am having the hardest time. I'm using it to ink my anime art and then using it to color my art, but I'm finding it very hard to use. I can't find some of the tools such as the pen tool or the path tool which are very important for me to have. I've been searching for hours for a good tutorial to help me out for what I'm using it for and the majority of the tutorials are not for Photoshop elements 6 or its just telling me how to fix up photo's and I'm never going to use it for that, only to ink and color my art. I really need some help, would someone please tell me where I can find a good tutorial or could you tell me how to use it for the way I want to use it? I am such a noob at this >.<
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    Jeremy J
    Photoshop is probably not the best tool for your purposes. It can be great for freehand stuff, but I surmise you are needing sophisticated bezier curves, pathing, and the like. You probably want to look into Adobe Illustrator instead. It is for creating vector graphics and is great for cartoon Illustration.

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