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  1. what is it?
    my friend said she photoshopped her one picture whats the link to the site and how do i get it and stuff thanks.
  2. me n' mona Guest

    me n' mona
    It's a program that you buy for about $900 that lets you do all sorts of neato things to photographs and such.
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    ? Oh yeah
    Its one of many programs used to edit pictures. Photoshop cost money at least $600 for the full version, and $100 for the cut down version.

    Get gimp instead its like photoshop but its free and can do all of the same cool things you do on photoshop.
  4. You Have To Buy The Software
  5. iv hacked it before but i forgot how because i switched computers, xp to mac
  6. Brad Guest

    iv hacked it before but i forgot how because i switched computers, xp to mac
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