POLL: Ladies, how much money would it take to make you?

Discussion in 'Off topic' started by Papa McCain, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Papa McCain Guest

    Papa McCain
    shave yourself from head to toe?
  2. invictis Guest

    At least a million. That way I could afford to hide from the public until it all grew back.
  3. Judas Rabid Guest

    Judas Rabid
    come on man, i'd be happy with from neck to toe!
  4. ?Diva ? Guest

    ?Diva ?
    even for a billion dollars i would shave my hair....or eyebrows....
  5. Miss Jinxy Guest

    Miss Jinxy
    Shave my head? At least a million dollars!!
  6. They have invented wigs and eyebrow pencils so um.......
  7. MOMMA Guest

    wow..it has to be at least a million $$ if im gonna shave my head..
  8. LOTS of money!!!

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