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    A press release can be an important tool in gaining exposure for your website or online business -if they are written right, that is.

    The majority of press releases written by PROs (public relations officers) go straight in the bin. Why?
    The answer is simple:

    PR people don't always know how to get a journalist interested in a story, and often fill the release with marketing hype. I understand that PR and advertising are not the same!

    Who am I?

    A trained journalist, with a degree in Journalism, and qualifications from the National Council forthe Training of Journalists, the UKs journalism training body. Within my degree I studied public relationsheavily.

    This means I give a different perspective to your press releases that a PRO cannot give. I know what journalists want to see when a press release lands in front of them.

    Why use my service?

    - Avoid your press release being thrown in the bin or deleted.
    - My rate is extremely low compared to services offered by other industry professionals.
    - Personal advise on how and where to distribute your press release, depending on its contents.
    - The right angle for your press release always found, to grab the attention of readers.

    Turnaround Time

    I provide a guarantee that I will meet any deadline you have, or the press release is free. As a journalist, I know how important deadlines are, more so than many public relation professionals. That's why if I miss your deadline for ANY reason, even if I am hit by a car, the work is FREE!


    I charge $80 per release, with bulk discounts available. This may seem high, but infact you will be paying alot less than industry prices. Don't be fooled by people offering press releases for $5. The majority of these people are untrained, and will simply write you an article masked as a press release.


    PayPal is my required method of payment. Payment in all cases is to be before work begins. In a case of a missed deadline, the money will be instantly refunded to you.

    See also my professional content creation service on the same site.

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