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    I am offering my editing services to you lovely qdoos members. I am a native English speaker with two degrees at the highest standard.

    I will check for spelling and grammatical errors and rework to your specifications. Spelling and grammatical errors can spoil your professional image, letting me do the editing avoids this problem and allows you to move on to writing other articles, or chasing up leads. Perhaps you are a non-native speaker and want your work checking over, or maybe you just prefer the editing to be done by someone else (double checking).

    Price: In order to be transparent in the process, I charge based upon length of article, not on the time it takes to edit. This means that a price can be established at the outset, that will not go up even if heavy editing is required. The definitive price is calculated by (word count multiplied by 0.95? = price in cents).

    We aim to have same day turnaround (GMT zone) whenever possible. To order, or for further details, send me a private message. Please note, PayPal is the only accepted payment method at this time. Payments must be sent before the work will be undertaken.

    Cheers guys,
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