Quality Manual Directory submission Multiple Packages Starts @ $1

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    We are offering professional, manual web directory submission/inclusion services to improve your link popularity and save you time. Here is the complete price list:

    15 PR 5+ Web Directories $ 1.00
    25 PR 5+ Web Directories $ 1.50
    50 PR 5+ Web Directories $ 2.50
    100 PR 4+ Web Directories $ 5.00
    200 PR 3+ Web Directories $ 10.00
    250 PR 3+ Web Directories $ 12.50

    All directories list is available at Directorycritic.com, Addurl.nu.

    To submit your site in Directories, PM me the following information:

    1. Your Website Title
    2. WebSite URL
    3a. Site Description (min 200 characters)
    3b. Site Description (min 500 characters)
    4. Meta keywords
    5. Category and sub category
    6. Name
    7. e-mail (should match the domain of the URL)
    8. Country

    If you are interested Post here. I will PM you the PayPal deatails. After receiving your payment, I will start submitting your site to directories, will inform you once it is done along with detailed report. Discounts are available for Bulk Orders (more than 5) and can be discussed via PM.


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