Question about Google Adwords and Yahoo Sponsored Search: Who is partnered with

Discussion in 'Google' started by Kristie, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Kristie Guest

    Kristie Yahoo or Google? I am paying for Google Adwords and Yahoo Sponsored search campaigns for my business. I seen in my logs, someone came to my site from a sponsored search ad from (I also viewed my ad there).

    Why is my ad coming up on a JOB SEARCH website, so that its being marketed to people who search for a "business consulting" JOB, not a "business consulting" SERVICE (my business)??

    And who is the one doing this to me, Yahoo or Google? Which is the one related to monster?
  2. LemmeKnow Guest

    On Google, if you have chosen to place ads on the google network they will appear on pages loosly related to your product. Your ad appears on google adsense sites. The same is true on Yahoo for their Sponsered match.

    Firstly add a tracking code to all your ads to see where your best traffic is from. Tracking is almost the most important thing. If you dont know what is converting you are paying google and yahoo for ads that dont work. It takes time but please do it. You Will save at least 50% of what you are spending now with exactly the same results.

    Hope that is a start

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